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               C.P.G.C. Committee & Constitution






 PRESIDENT: Mr. Henry Gartshore


CHAIRMAN: Mr. Keith Redman


TREASURER: Mr. Geoff Leo


CLUB CAPTAIN: Mr. Jon Edwards


VICE-CAPTAIN: Mr. Graham Tolley










Committee Members  All above plus

 Mr. Phil Seddon. 

 Mr. Dave Smith.


         A list of telephone numbers for the above people is available in               the golf reception






As a condition of membership, it is the duty of all Golf Club Members to familiarise themselves with this Constitution and with any other Club rules and to ensure they are diligently observed.


1)   Name of 'The Club

''CannocPark GolClub'Situateat:

CannocPark GolCourse

StafforRoaCannockStaffordshirWS11 2AL


2)   Objective                                                                                                                                                           To meet the needs of the Club Membership by:

a)   Providing opportunities for Members to play the game in a social manner. b)   Providing competition for Membership.

c)   Providing facilities to obtain and maintain a recognised handicap.

d)   Encouraging the playing of Golf in the spirit and etiquette of the game.

e)   Maintaining a membership structure that is open to any person irrespective of age, sex, creed, race or religion.

f)    Providing a means of social activity.


3)   Conduct of the Game

a)   The Club recognises The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews as the ruling body of Amateur golf and agrees to abide by the Rules of Golf and Amateur Status as laid down by the R&A.

b)  The Club agrees to comply with the regulations and rules of the CONGU Unified

handicapping system and any conditions imposed within that scheme by England Golf.

c)   The Club agrees to comply with the Constitution and Rules of England Golf and of the

Staffordshire Golf Union as a condition of affiliation to those bodies.

d)  The Club agrees to pay all per capita subscriptions to the County Golf Unions and to England

Golf in respect of every playing member of whatever category.


4)    Management of the Golf Club

A Committee consisting of fourteen elected members shall manage all the affairs of the Club.

a)   The club shall provide for an Annual General Meeting (AGM), open to all Club Members, in order to elect the fourteen Committee Members.

b)   Nomination shall be by proper completion of the appropriate list, or lists, provided for that purpose on Club noticeboards prior to the AGM, or if made necessary by circumstance, by other means acceptable to the committee.

c)   Ten ordinary members of committee shall be elected, from the appropriate list by the Club membership.

d)   Four Officers of committee shall be elected, from the appropriate list by the Club membership. e)   

 The Officers shall comprise of  i)   President ii) Chairman iii)  Treasurer  iv)  Club Captain

f)   The quorum for meetings of the Committee shall be five

g)  The elected Committee may co-opt temporary or permanent committee members if this meets reasonable needs.


5)    Responsibilities of Committee Members.

Committee members shall:

a)     Manage the affairs of the Cannock Park Golf Club in the best interests of the Club Members


b)    Act responsibly both individually, within their remit, and as a 'body'.

c)   Observe generally accepted rules of conduct, debate and democratic decision making.

d)  Accept that they are jointly accountable to the Membership for all decisions and acts resulting from those processes.

e)   Keep their fellow Committee Members informed of any fact or act, planned or actual, which may impact on the Club, its Members or on the Golf Course itself.


6)    Sub Committees

a)   Without derogating from its primary responsibilities, the Committee may delegate certain functions to appointed sub committees.

b)  These sub committees shall advise on, administer or control matters relating to handicapping, competitions, membership, financial matters and all other areas of activity.

c)   The Committee may delegate its own functions and powers relating to such objects, to these sub committees.

d)  Sub committees must have a majority of elected members.

e)   Club Officers are ex officio members of all sub committees.


7)    Property of the Club

The assets and property of the Club shall be vested in its Full Members, who shall entrust its funds and management to the Committee.


8)    Financial Policy

a)   Cannock Park Golf Club shall operate as a non-profit making organisation.

b)   The Club shall be registered as such with Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC) in compliance with the Companies Act.

c)   Any surplus funds shall be reinvested in the Club for the benefit of the Membership. d)   The Committee shall act as trustees for the assets of the Membership.

e)   The Committee shall exercise proper financial control to safeguard these assets of the


f)    In the event of the Club being wound up or dissolved, no action shall be taken or undertakings given, until professional legal advice has been taken regarding the law then currently in force.

g)   The Officers shall then call an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) to present options and make recommendations and to conduct a vote deciding the disposal of the Members assets.


9)    Financial Year

The Financial Year shall commence 1st October each year and end 30th September of the following year.


10)  Treasurer

The Treasurer shall:

a)   Sit as Chair of a properly convened sub committee, consisting of, at least, the sub committee

Chairs, which shall agree a financial budget for the year.

b)   Monitor and provide feedback on this budget throughout the year. c)   Control and oversee all financial activities undertaken by the Club.

d)  Ensure Club funds are used appropriately and implement control procedures to minimise the risk of financial exposure.

e)   Withhold payments due exceeding £100 which have not received prior committee approval. f)   

Accept payments and issue receipts as necessary.

g)   Keep up-to-date records of all transactions.

h)   Prepare end of year accounts and present same to both committee and Competent Person conducting the annual audit.

i)   Be responsible for completing any necessary Self Assessment or other tax return and, when needed, make payments etc. to HMRC on the appropriate date.

j)   The Treasurer shall exercise all duties incident to the Office of Treasurer.


11)  Bank Mandate

Officers empowered to sign Cheques, Mandates and Orders shall be any two from Treasurer,

Chairman and President.


12)  Annual General Meeting (AGM)

a)   The AGM of the Club will be held on or before the 30th November in each year, upon a date to be fixed by the Officers of the Committee.

b)   Notice of the AGM shall be sent to all Members of the Club.

c)   A quorum will consist of 10% of those registered Members eligible to vote.

The Business of the Annual General Meeting shall be:

1)   To receive the reports of Officers and others.

2)  To receive and consider the Years Accounts, and the report of the person auditing those accounts for the past year.

3)  The election of the Committee members for the coming year.

4)   The election of a Competent Person to audit the yearly Accounts on the conclusion of the coming year.

5)   Transact any other business which ought to be  transacted at an AGM.

Any matter relating to the management or well being of the Club may be discussed at the Annual General Meeting but no resolution shall be proposed unless fourteen days previous notice of the same shall have been given to the President in writing or unless the resolution shall appear on the agenda included in the notice convening the meeting.


13)  Election of Committee Members

a)   All Committee members shall be registered full Members of the Club and be eligible to vote. b)   All candidates shall be proposed and seconded by fellow Club Members.

c)   Written nominations for the Club Committee shall be in the hands of the President 14 days prior to the AGM for incorporation into the notice calling the meeting.

d)   A list of such nominations shall be posted on the Club notice board 7 days prior to the AGM. e)   The position of Vice Captain shall be filled following the recommendations of outgoing &

incoming Captains and the Committee.


14)   Election of Club Officers

Note: a) to d) above shall apply equally to nominations for Officers.

e)    No member may serve in more than a single Office, thus avoiding conflict of interests.

f)    Officers will be subject to election each year but shall be eligible for re-election from year to year.

g)   The President and Chairman shall normally serve for a period not exceeding three years, this does not prejudice their right to resign from Office at any time            .

h)  The position of Club Captain will be filled by the previous years Vice Captain who, except in exceptional circumstances, stands unopposed.

i)   The Club Captain (& Vice Captain) take Office on the 1st of January each year until 31st

December of the same year.


15)  Restrictions to Serving on the Committee

No Member shall serve on the Committee who is a member of two or more Gol f Clubs unless the

said Member declares such memberships or associated commitments on their written nomination. Failure to comply shall result in a nomination being void.


16)  Insufficient Written Nominations

In the event of insufficient numbers of candidates for election being proposed prior to an AGM, then additional candidates may be proposed at the AGM without prior notice if the meeting so agrees.


17) Co-opted Committee Members

Additional Committee members may be co-opted by the Committee if a need for special skills, knowledge or extra input is later identified.


18)  Casual Vacancies – Officers

Casual vacancies occurring by death or resignation during Office shall be filled by the Committee appointing one of their numbers or another Member of the Club, until next AGM.


19)  Notification of Meetings

a)   Annual General Meetings - 21 clear days.

b)   Extra Ordinary General Meetings - 21 clear days. c)   Regular Committee Meetings - 4 clear days.

20)  Conduct of Meetings

a)   The Chairman, or in his absence, his nominee, will take the Chair at Committee meetings and at AGMs.

b)   The person in the Chair shall be entitled, if they deem it so desirable, to dissolve or postpone a meeting and in the event the same shall stand postponed to the same day of the following week, at the same time and place, when the business shall continue to be transacted.


21)  Voting at Club Meetings

a)   Full Members entitled to vote have one vote only.

b)  In the event of equality, the occupant of the Chair, normally without a vote, shall be entitled to an additional or casting vote, save that this rule shall not apply in the case of rule 21 f) below.

c)   Co-opted members of committees are not entitled to vote.

d)   Voting at both committee meetings and at AGM shall be by show of hands.

e)   Unless a ballot is demanded by at least six members, a declaration that a resolution has been carried or lost shall be conclusive.

f)   If, at an AGM, more nominations for positions are received than required then voting shall be by ballot.

g)  Scrutineers shall be appointed before an AGM or EGM to count any vote or ballot papers as required.


22)  Extra-Ordinary General Meetings (EGM)

a)   The Committee may call an EGM when any urgent question of importance shall arise, or are bound to do so on receiving a requisition signed by at least 15 Full Members of the Club.

b)   Any requisition so made must be given, or sent by recorded delivery, addressed to the Club President and stating the precise object of the meeting in respect whereof the requisition is made.

c)   Business is restricted to matters dealing with the precise object for which the EGM has been called.

d)  21 clear days notice shall be sent to each Full Member of the Club.

e)   A quorum will consist of 10% of the Registered Full Members entitled to vote. f)   AGM procedures will apply.


23)  Annual Audit of Accounts

a)   An independent 'Competent Person' shall be appointed at the AGM to perform the yearly audit of the Clubs Annual Accounts and to prepare a report for the benefit of members.

b)   This Person may be in receipt of remuneration for performing these duties.


24)  Categories of Membership

a)   There shall be three categories of Membership dependent upon age: Adult, Senior (over 65)

and Junior (under 18).

b)   Any Member over eighteen years of age shall be entitled to full Membership and voting rights. c)   Members who have contributed significantly over a period of years may be granted Honorary

Membership, subject to ratification at AGM.


25)  Eligibility for Membership

Full Adult Membership is open to any person aged 18 or over, irrespective of age, sex, creed, race or religion.


26)  Election of Membership

The power to elect Members rests solely with the Committee.


27)  Applications for Membership

Every applicant for Membership must properly complete an application form and submit it to the

Membership Secretary.


28)  Joining and Annual Fees

a)   The Committee shall determine the annual membership fees or subscription which shall then be ratified at the AGM.

b)  Members subscriptions become due on the 1st January of each year or immediately upon being granted membership.

c)   Subscriptions are not refundable; the Member remains liable for the whole of the year in which their membership is surrendered.

d)  Members whose subscription has not been received by 31st January shall lose the privileges of

Membership until the situation is redressed.

e)   A notice shall be displayed on the Club noticeboard stating the rates of subscriptions for the current year.


29) Register of Members

a)   A computer register of Members names and addresses will be maintained for internal use only.

Applicants must agree to this as a condition of membership.

b)   The Club shall comply fully with the relevant legislation on Data Protection.


30)  Responsibilities and Rights of Members

a)   Members shall be aware of and comply with, both this Constitution and other Club rules. b)  Members should be aware of their role as ambassadors of the Club.

c)   Every Member shall be permitted to use and enjoy all the benefits of the Club.


31)  Termination of Membership

a)   A Member may terminate his or her Membership in writing to the Membership Secretary. b)   No refund of subscription is due.

c)   A Member who ceases to be eligible for membership of the Club, by virtue of non-compliance with this Constitution or with other Club rules shall automatically cease to be a member.


32)  Introductory Sessions for New Members

New Members may be expected to attend an informal meeting with Officers and Committee

Members with the objectives of:

a)   Becoming better acquainted and to provide recognisable faces for the benefit of the new


b)   Confirm a new Members appreciation of the spirit and etiquette of the game.

c)   Confirm some knowledge of the rules of the game although an in depth knowledge is not a requirement.


33)  Discipline, Expulsion and Suspension of Members

a)   The Club shall duly exercise the disciplinary power delegated to them under the England Golf

Constitution, this taking precedence over any internal disciplinary ruling.

b)  The Disciplinary sub committee shall have the power to suspend or expel as they think fit any Member whose conduct be judged injurious to the course or prejudicial to the interests of the Club.

c)   Before expulsion or suspension, the Member shall be given the opportunity to defend himself or herself before the Disciplinary Sub Committee at a special meeting called for that purpose.

10 clear days notice shall be given of this meeting.

d)  The Member has the right, if they should so wish to select one Full Member to accompany them into this meeting.

e)   Both sides have the right to seek witness to testify as to the true details of the alleged infringement.

f)   If upheld, the Member shall forfeit all rights and privileges of membership, totally or for a period prescribed by the Disciplinary Sub Committee and shall not be eligible for a refund of membership fees.

g)   Any Member suspended or expelled has the right of appeal to the Appeals Committee during the seven days following the disciplinary meeting. During this period the expulsion or suspension remains in force.

h)   The decision of the Appeals Committee shall be final.


34)  Grievances

From time to time grievances may arise.

a)   Members should, without delay, raise any such issues with the Club Chairman personally or the Membership Secretary who shall, if unable to provide a solution, immediately bring the grievance to the attention of the Club Chairman.

b)  Full details of the issue which brings about the grievance should be provided.

c)   A sub committee shall be formed to investigate further. A meeting of this sub committee shall take place within 10 clear days of the issue being raised with Chairman.

d)  The person raising the grievance shall be invited to attend this sub committee meeting, along with any other persons involved. The intention of the meeting shall be to reach an equitable and acceptable solution to all parties.

e)   Failure to reach an acceptable solution shall be referred to an appeals committee under the

Chairmanship of the  President. Ten clear days notice shall be given of this meeting. f)   All parties involved shall be entitled to attend.

g)   The decision of the Appeals Committee shall be final.


35)  Making Rules and Changes to this Constitution

The committee may, from time to time, make additional rules not consistent with this Constitution a)   All such additions, amendments or deletions must be ratified by the Members at the AGM or a

specially called EGM.

b)  No Rules of the Club shall be repealed or altered, nor shall any Rule be made, save by a majority of two thirds of those registered Members present and voting at the AGM or EGM.


36)  Ladies Section

Subject to the control of the Club Committee, Lady Members may make such arrangements as they may deem appropriate, for the election of Officers and a Committee to conduct competitions, matches and other matters relevant to Lady Members only.

a)   Lady Members remain full Members of the Club.


37)  Seniors Section

a)   Seniors are defined as those Members aged 65 years and over.

b)   Subject to the control of the Club Committee Senior Section Members may make such arrangements as they deem appropriate, for the election of Officers and a Committee to conduct competitions, matches and other matters relevant to Senior Section Members only.


c)   Senior Members remain full Adult Members of the Club.

d)  The Senior Section may invite Members who are over 50 years of age to participate in the sections activities.


38)  Junior Section

a)   Juniors are defined as persons up to the age of 18years.

b)  The Junior Section is open to any person, subject to the approval of the Club committee, irrespective of sex, creed, race or religion.

c)   Adults involved in the organisation and running of events for Junior Section members will comply fully with the relevant legislation on Child Protection.


39)  Relationships with the Current Course Managers

Cannock Park Golf Club has an independent but proper and defined role to play in assisting the

Course Managers  in their efforts to promote the proper use of the course.

As such, the Club shall strive to maintain good working relationships with all members of the course management team and with other staff, whilst recognising that independence.


40)  Duties of Care to Club Members

The Club accepts its duties of care to all  Members and to others affected by Club activities and shall strive to observe the requirements of current practice and legislation regarding:                                          i)      Health and safetyii)     Disability Awareness iii)   Discrimination   iv)    Data Protection


In all matters concerning Cannock Park Golf Club Junior Members reference will be made to the associated CPGC document; Appendix No.1 – CPGC Child Protection Policies & Procedures, in addition to the current body of thinking on Child Protection.


























(Revised & Issued 2012 - BF)

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