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                Local Rules & Drop Zones


 Local Rules & Drop Zone Information
1) General Competition Requirements
All competitions shall be played strictly in accordance with the Rules of Golf as detailed in the R & A rule book. It is not permissible for any player to waive any of the rules laid down. Any competitor infringing the rules or allowing other competitors to infringe the rules are will be subject to disqualification. (Rules 1.3 refers). Any infringement occurring in the course of play should be notified to the Match & Handicap Chairman immediately on completion of the round or as soon after as is practical. All members are required to have a good working knowledge of the rules to ensure fair play and to maintain the integrity of the competitions. 
Failure to comply with R&A rules specified in this document will lead to disqualification.
Local Rules defined in Appendix I of this document shall also apply.
Any clarification or query relating to the rules, competitions or handicaps should be addressed to the Match & Handicap Chairman as they arise. He will offer advice, guidance and resolution to contentious issues.
On entering a competition a member is required to:

 Complete the entry sheet in the Golf Course Reception
iPay the entry fee(s) in the envelopes provided for that purpose and deposit the envelope into the Club Competition box.
On completion of the competitive round the player must:
Submit their score card, properly completed and signed, into the competitions box (or as instructed on the day), immediately following completion of the round.
If for any reason the Golf Course Reception is closed, players may agree to play a competition round and the procedures itemised above should be performed immediately after finishing their round.               

Qualifying Competitions

A Qualifying Competition is any individual competition in which Medal or Stableford conditions prevail and for which a Competition Scratch Score (CSS) is calculated, subject to restrictions contained in the Scheme definition. At Cannock Park Golf Club Qualifying Competitions are classed as:
 Major Competitions as listed in the Fixtures.                                                  
iMinor Competitions namely the Monthly Medals and other events as notified and indicated on the entry sheet.

 Competitions played at other courses but not individual rounds.
Members may not compete in Major Competitions unless they have submitted three score cards in Minor qualifying competitions in the twelve months prior to the Major they wish to enter. By so doing they will hold an “active” CONGU registered handicap. The member must continue to play a minimum of three qualifying competitions during the year to maintain their “active” status. 
Any member whose CONGU handicap is classified as “in-active” is unable to win trophies and/or prizes in any competition until their “active” status is restored by application of the above.
Members may register and play on Captain’s Day and President’s Day without having an “active” CONGU handicap but will not qualify to win a Trophy or Prize.
All qualifying competitions are played over a measured course off White or Yellow tee markers as defined on the course. (If the Course is reduced in length by more than 100 yards for any reason the competition will be declared a non-qualifier and as such can be played from the yellow boxes).
Club Championship Qualifiers will be based on scores in qualifying competitions between 1st April and 31st August, a gross 78 or better to qualify. In addition all handicap players of 12 or less at September 1st. will also qualify. The Club Championship will be played off scratch. Qualifying Score Card

A qualifying score card is any score including a “No Return” for a round of golf in a Qualifying Competition defined as:

 Where the competitor has entered an official club competition on a measured course, where the score card has been properly completed, where the gross score for each hole has been recorded and where the card has been signed by both the marker and the competitor.
 A “General Play” score card, completed as in above, which reduces the handicap by one complete stroke or more. (Handicaps cannot be increased by means of a “General Play” score card).
 A card submitted by a new member to establish an initial handicap, completed as in above, would count as one qualifying score card.
For all competitions played on courses of other affiliated clubs, which comply with above.
Please note: All “No return” cards should be signed off as defined above and posted into the competition box as it can affect the CSS of the day.

Competition Entry Procedure
Members are responsible for entering their own name on to the Competition Entry Sheet, which will subsequently, and when appropriate, be used in the draw process.
In the case of a Pairs Competition one member may enter both names. 
If a Member, wishing to play in a drawn competition, knows they will be away or unavailable when the entry list goes up they should contact the Match & Handicap Chairman and request that their names be added to the list. 

It is also permissible for prospective player to contact the Staff in the Golf Course Reception and ask for their names to be entered on the Competition Entry Sheet.
The time limit to enter a drawn competition is midnight of the declared closing date. After the closing time further entries may only be accepted by the Match & Handicap Chairman and a late entry fee may be charged.
In the event of any member becomes unable to play for any reason, the member should contact the Match & Handicap Chairman immediately. It is the responsibility of the Match & Handicap Chairman to arrange a replacement before the competition commences.
A player who fails to turn up to play without adequate explanation will be referred to the Disciplinary Committee.

Matchplay Competitions
Entries must be accompanied by relevant entry fee and contact telephone number before the closing date.

All matches are to be played within the time frame specified.
All competitors are equally responsible for arranging a mutually acceptable date.
No one may withdraw from the competition without the agreement of the Match and  Handicap Chairman, however all competitors do have the right to concede a match.
The winner of each round is responsible for putting the winners name forward to the next round on the draw sheet. This should be done immediately after the match.
In the Pairs Competition a substitution of player can be made prior to the first round being played but only with the agreement of  the Match & Handicap Chairman.
In the event of any problems or difficulties competitors must contact the Match & Handicap Chairman as early as possible. Any decisions made by the Chairman will be final.
In Matchplay singles competition the full difference in handicap will be applied. 
In a Matchplay pairs competition ¾ the difference of handicap applies. 
Shots should be taken from the lowest handicapped player at the holes indicated by the Stroke Index on the card.
Deadlines will be strictly applied. If you have any difficulty arranging a match, contact the Match & Handicap Chairman early for resolution.         Do not leave it to the last minute.
Competition Ties.              Ties will be decided on the following basis:
Medal and Stableford competitions, including Captain’s Day, President’s Day and Open Days, count back on the back, 9, 6, 3, or 1 holes, and then on the front 9, 6, 3 or 1 holes.
Bogeys on the least number of losses over 18 holes, the back 9, 6, 3 or 1 holes, then the front 9, 6, 3 or I holes.
If after the above rules have been applied there is still no separation, then a tie will be declared.
A tie after 18 holes in Matchplay Competitions will be decided by continuing to play to the next hole until one side wins a hole.

There will be a monthly weekend and a monthly midweek medal.
There will be two divisions; 0 to18 handicaps and the 19 to 28 handicaps.
Weekend medals will play on Saturday and Sunday; midweek medals will operate Monday to    Friday inclusive, both under normal competition conditions.
Winter Medal/Stablefords will be run on a single division basis.
Medal entries are restricted to one per event.
Juniors are permitted to play in all competitions. Some restrictions may apply.

Trophy & Prize Presentations
Trophies and medals will be presented at the end of season  “Presentation Evening”.
Players who qualify for a prize but fail to be present at the presentation without tendering their apologies will forfeit their right to the trophy or prize.
Prizes on “Major Days” will be presented on the day, at the conclusion of the event, and must be collected by the individual concerned unless special dispensation has been granted by the M & H Chairman or Handicap Secretary for the prize to be collected by a designated proxy.     
                                                         Appendix I     Local Rules                                     
Stones: Rule 24-1
i) Stones in bunkers may be removed without penalty. You may ground your club in a bunker but not directly behind the ball under new rules of golf.
ii) Through the Green: Rule 24-2b 
Relief without penalty may be taken where a ball lies close to a stone which may cause damage to a golfer or a club, by dropping the ball within one club length, but not nearer the hole.
Staked Trees: Rule 24-2       

 If your intended swing will damage a young staked or banded tree then, relief without penalty, must be taken. Relief without penalty of one club length to the nearest point of relief but not nearer the hole.
Roads & Paths: Rule 24-2     

This includes all artificial paths and bridges or areas where the green keeper’s equipment has damaged the course. Relief without penalty may be taken at the nearest point of relief, but not nearer the hole.

Balls Lying on Other Greens: Rule 25-1 

Greens other than the hole being played are designated “Ground under repair from which play is prohibited”. Relief, without penalty therefore must be taken, one club length to the nearest point of relief from where the ball lies, but not nearer the hole.
Water Hazards: Rule 26
All ditches are deemed to be Water Hazards, under the new 2019 rules of golf will be known as penalty areas, whether they contain water or not and should be clearly identified by yellow or red posts (or paving stones) as appropriate. playing from inside a penalty area, you are now allowed to ground your club in the penalty area without penalty. If the ditch is not staked the extent of the Hazard is as defined in the picture below.

The ditches on the left side of the second hole; also that between the 5th and 8th holes; and 
that between the 5th and 6th holes are defined as Lateral Water Hazards and should be treated accordingly.
Ball in Hazard, (Penalty Area) 
If during the course of play, under the new rules of golf, your ball comes to rest in a bunker or Penalty area (which includes all ditches) you may ground your club in the penalty area or bunker but not directly behind the ball. 
Out of Bounds: Rule 27
Over any hedge, fence or boundary, marking the perimeter of the course.

The 15th fairway when playing the first hole, beyond the white line dividing the 1st and 15th holes up to a line linking the large oak tree in the middle of the first fairway to the end tree of the hedgerow on the far side of the fifteenth fairway.
Beyond the ditch to the left hand side of the second hole.
The Practice Putting Green, beyond the white line when approaching the green on the 15th and 18th holes.         
There is no “Out of Bounds” behind the 1st or 16th greens.
Winter Rules
Where adverse conditions exist on the course during the winter months the Match & Handicap Committee may declare the introduction of “Winter Rules”. When introduced and/or withdrawn notification will appear on the club notice boards.
Exact details of the concession and how it should be applied will appear on the notice but in essence it provides for the ball to be marked, picked and placed within six inches of the marker, no nearer the hole, on all “closely mown areas”.
The rules do not apply to balls lying in the rough which must be played as they lie. (However if it is agreed with your playing partners that conditions are such that the ball is embedded in the ground then it is acceptable for the ball to be lifted and dropped within one club length. You are not allowed in these circumstances to clean the ball).
R&A rules appertaining to balls in a hazard are unaffected and no relief can be taken in these areas without penalty.

Appendix I                                             LOCAL RULES (Continued)
Protective Safety Fences: Rule 24-2a
The internal protective fences on the course are designated Immovable Obstructions.

Relief without penalty may be taken if the fence interferes with the stance or swing or if it restricts the intended direction of play.

On holes 1, 9, 12, 15,16, the ball must be dropped in the specified dropping zone. (There is no provision for relief from the Protective Fence alongside the 13th tee. Here the player has three options;

1) Play the ball as it lies;

2) Drop the ball under penalty of one stroke as defined in Rule 28;
3) Replay the shot from the tee under penalty of stroke & distance).
Please note: In all instances the ball must be found. Balls lost in these areas and circumstances must be treated under Rule 27-1c.
See Appendix II below regarding the location of dropping zones. 
                                                                    DROP ZONES

Dropping Zone Hole 1: When playing the 1st hole if the “Protective Fence” on the right impedes the players swing or the intended direction of play the ball may be dropped in the “Drop Zone” indicated without penalty.
Note: The boundary fence to the car park is NOT a “Protective Fence” and therefore relief taken from this fence can only be taken under penalty.
Drop zone Hole 8: If your ball lands on the path between the trees on the left side of the fairway and the boundary fence then a free drop is available,1 club length, not nearer the hole, if your ball is lying on the grass up against the fence, a free drop is not allowed.
Drop zones  on Holes  12 & 13:
When approaching the 12th green there is a “Protective Fence” to the left rear of the green. If the players swing or intended direction of play is impeded by this fence he may drop his ball in the “Drop Zone” without penalty. The zone is marked by a white slab marked with the letters DZ. The ball must be dropped within two club lengths of the slab.
The “Protective Fence” at the 12th green extends around the corner to the left hand side of the 13th Tee. There is NO relief from this fence when playing the 13th hole. Should the player find that their swing is restricted by the fence they have three options: 1) Play the ball as it lies; 2) Drop the ball under penalty of one stroke as defined in Rule 28; 3) Replay the shot from the tee under penalty of stroke and distance.                                  
If when playing the 15th hole the players ball comes to rest on the first tee or if close to the “Protective Fence” on the right hand side of the first tee which impedes the players swing or intended direction of play the player must, without penalty, remove the ball to the “Drop Zone” indicated. The Drop Zone in these circumstances is behind the bunker to the left of the 15th green and towards the winter mat for the first tee. 
Dropping Zone Hole 16:
If when playing the 16th hole the players ball comes to rest within the boundary of the course but close to the fence which lies beyond the green, where the players swing or intended direction of play is impeded the player may without penalty, remove the ball to the “Drop Zone.
Distance-Measuring Devices: Rule 14.3                                                                                    For all play at the Cannock Park Golf Course, including all competitions, a player may obtain distance information by using a device that measures distance only. They must not be able to give you slope measurements or wind speed. If, a player uses a distance-measuring device that is designed to gauge or measure other conditions that might affect his play (e.g. gradient, wind speed, temperature, etc.), the player is in breach of Rule 14-3, for which the penalty is disqualification. Course Etiquette.
1. Please repair Pitch marks on the green.

2. Please do not get your ball out of the hole by using your putter, it damages the hole.     

3. Please Replace Divots on the fairway. (The quicker they are repaired the quicker they mend).                                         
4. Keep all trolleys and buggies of the tees and greens.             
5. If you are holding up the players behind you, PLEASE CALL THEM THROUGH. You should never be more than one full hole behind the group in front of you.   
6. Maximum of 4 players per match. 
7. 1 Golf bag per person - minimum of 5 clubs.              
8  We request that Golf Shoes be worn when you are playing.     
9. A reasonable standard of dress code for Golf is required at all times.     
10. Keep your receipt with you at all times, you may be asked to produce it.                                
As from the 1st of January 2019, all golfers should now play by the new rules of golf, a copy should be attained from the shop.

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